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The following contains links to resources guides published by state or city consumer agencies that provide an overview of debt collection, citations of applicable statutes of state debt collection laws, and web addresses to access those citations online.

Code of Alabama Title 40, Chapter 12, Section 80 (40-12-80)

Alaska Statute Title 45, Chapter 50, Section 471 (45-50-471)

Fair Debt Collection Practices Guide
Arkansas Code Title 17, Chapter 24, Section 203 (17-24-203)

Collection Agencies Guide
Department of Consumer Affairs Guide
"Summary of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Statutes," covers both federal and California state laws,
California Civil Code Section 1788, et seq.

Your Rights under the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Guide
Colorado Revised Statute Title 12, Article 14, Section 101, et seq. (12-14-101)

How to Protect Yourself: Debt Collections/Consumer
Go to:, click on What Florida Law Provides, click on the link 'For information on how to protect yourself against consumer fraud,' scroll down to Debt Collection.
Florida Statute Title 33, Chapter 559, Part VI, (33-559.552, et seq.)

Official Code of George Title 7-3, Section 25 (7-3-25)

Revised Statutes, Vol. 14, Chapter 708, Section 8105 (37-708-8105)
See also

Consumer Protection Manual
Title 26, Chapter 22

Things You Should Know about Debt Collection

Illinois Compiled Statute, Chapter 225, Section 425

Fair Debt Collection Guide
Indiana Code Title 25, Article11

Iowa Attorney General's Guide to Debt Collection
Iowa State Code Sections 537.7103(1) - 7103(6)

Consumer's Notebook: Debt Collection Guide
Louisiana Revised Statute Title 47, Section 1516 and 1516.1

Attorney General's Guide to Fair Debt Collection of Maine's Office of Consumer Credit Regulation's
Downeaster Guide to Debt Collection and Repossession
Maine Revised Statute, Title 32, Chapter 109-A

Dealing with Debt Collectors Guide
Maryland Annotated Code, Title 15, Debt Collection-Special Provisions
Not readily available online. For more information:

Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation Guide, Managing Credit and Debt
Mass. General Law, Part 1, Title XV, Chapter 93, Sections 24-28 & Section 49

Code of Massachusettes Regulations, 940 CMR 7

Michigan Compiled Law Chapter 445, Section 251 (445.251)
Michigan Compiled Law, Chapter 445, Act 70 of 1981

Know Your Rights: Guard Yourself Against Debt Collectors
Minnesota Statute Chapter 332, Section 37 (332.37)

Missouri Annotated Statute Title 27, Chapter 425

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Revised Statute, Title XXXI, Chapter 358-C (358-C:1)

New Mexico
Annotated Code of New Mexico, Chapter 61, Article 18A (61-18A)

New York City
Debt Collection Guide
Administrative Code of New York City
Title 20, Chapter 2, Subchapter 30
Go to New York City Administrative Code under Miscellaneous

New York State
Consumer Law Help Manual, Fair Debt Collections
Penal Law, Part 3, Title K, Article 190.50

North Carolina

North Carolina General Statute, Chapter 75, Article 2, Section 75-50, et seq.


Ohio Revised Code, Title 13, Chapter 1319

Oklahoma Statute, Title 15, Chapter 20,Section 755.1 and Title 59, Chapter 47, Section 3107

Oregon Revised Statute, Chapter 646, Section 646.639 et seq.

PA Debt Collection Publication

Pennsylvania Statute, Title 73, Chapter 42 (73 P.S. § 2270.1)
(Pennsylvania Statutes are not available online)

Title 62, Chapter 20

On-line Consumer Protection Information on Selected Topics
Texas Statute, Finance Code, Title 5, Chapter 392

FAQ on Collectors
Utah Annotated Code, Title 12, Chapter 1

Washington State
How to Deal with Your Debts
Revised Code of Washington, Title 19, Chapter 16

West Virginia
What Are My Rights as a Consumer with Debts in Collection? Guide
West Virginia Code, Chapter 47, Article 16 et seq.

Wisconsin Statute, Chapter 427


Prohibited Collection Practices
Wyoming Statute, Title 33, Chapter 11