Recovery Facts

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The facts are clear; hiring a professional collection agency or an agency offering property repossession solutions is the most economical solution and will provide you the best results in terms of time, repossession and actual dollars reclaimed for your business.

  1. The national average for all recovery is 20%
  2. Recovery or repossession rate can fluctuate dramatically based on the type of account, age of account, prior collection efforts and the type of agency utilized.
  3. Recovery rate is based on recovered percentage of total dollar placement. Many agencies will provide recovery rates that are adjusted to reflect recovery only on active accounts. To calculate recovery look at the initial amount placed and the actual dollars returned.
  4. To determine if an agency is generating the recovery they promised use a 60 days action analysis. 60 day actual recovery times 6 months will provide an actual forecasted projection.
  5. A general guideline as to recovery projection is that 25% of recovered funds will be recovered in the first 90 days. If an agency has collected 5% of initial placement after 90 days the forecast for overall recovery would be 20%.


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