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debt managementYes, partnership. Together we will create a program that meets your needs and goals, not someone else’s.

1. Account Setup: We can, over the phone, set up an account so that you may send in your accounts immediately.

2. Customized Program: One of our professional account representatives will assist you in establishing a recovery program customized for your circumstances.

3. Communication: We can and will accept placements in any format. We will structure an initial network so your information and service is consistent and works with your current protocol.


One call or e-mail to NAM and we will make sure that you are then put in touch with your primary representative. This one individual will assume responsibility for all of your business with NAM. From “inception to completion” is one aspect of our commitment to you.

National Asset Management offers a full-range of services to effectively recover debts on short and extended delinquent accounts. We have an incredible track record and high recovery rate for our clients. We specialize in providing custom programs and outstanding client service.

Our commitment to investing in the latest technology provides you with the most cost-effective collection services available today. Integrating proven debt recovery techniques with innovative new collection programs maximizes results and enables us to bring accounts current, quickly and efficiently.

NAM has adapted to the change in the economy and the type of delinquencies. While standard collection practices might be necessary in some cases, we have proven that flexibility and persistence are the standard in which increased recovery will be based.

Our innovative collection techniques are customized for each type of delinquent account and the client’s needs. They can either be on a commission basis or a fee- based program. Our programs offer letter service, telephone campaigns and credit reporting if requested. All of our programs offer a cost-effective solution to minimizing the time accounts remain in your AR., while decreasing the number of accounts that are written off.


A risk-free and economical service, there are no fees or set-up charges. Instead of hiring and training a staff yourself, our professionals collect for you. Our success in turning your delinquent accounts into paid accounts increases your recovery rate and bottom line.


For a minimal per account fee, as low as $5.95, we will handle the billing, invoicing, and payment of each account. Using a professional agency will dramatically increase your number of on-time payments, thereby increasing your cash flow and decreasing your delinquencies. Individual letter service and pre-collection programs are also available. Programs can be set-up to move from billing to pre-collection and into collection effortlessly.


Our staff: When you choose NAM, you have selected a team of professionals to assist you with your business. We have many years of experience in assisting clients meet their recovery goals. Our motivation comes from a personal commitment to endeavor to act as if your business is our own. In essence, the decisions we make would be the ones you would make in-house.

Change: Our success depends on change. We are the new collection model that is improving an industry still using the same practices they did 50 years ago. Adding an agency is as simple as a phone call. We will provide all the staff and labor to receive your placements. When you are completely satisfied with the initial recovery and service, you can instruct us to handle the transfer of your accounts from another agency.

Guarantee: National Asset Management is fully insured, bonded, and compliant with all federal laws, including The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our staff is fully-trained, ethical, and professional. We are members of the International Collectors Association, American Collectors Association, Pennsylvania Collectors Association and the Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania. We are HIPPA compliant, and have attorneys on staff to respond to any compliance or legal issue.

Free: NAM provides a newsletter on a quarterly basis providing you with an update of industry changes. This includes helpful information and valuable resources.

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