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We at National Asset Management are committed to representing, managing, and enforcing the rights of creditors and enabling those individuals and businesses who take a risk on others to realize a return on their investment. Our clientele includes a substantial composition of individual, commercial, corporate, and health care clients. Through a committed staff of experienced attorneys, we provide the following services to meet your recovery needs:


1. Attorney Contact

We directly contact, through both telephone and written communications, your customers to ensure payment of outstanding debts. Our team of lawyers are well versed in both state and federal Fair Debt Collection Acts. We respect the rights of your customers while unequivocally imparting the necessity of honoring their contractual obligations to you. Such contact provides the legal authority of a pre-legal approach and the basic involvement of a lawyer at the collection level has proven to be an effective means of obtaining payment.

2. Settlement and Negotiation

Our legal team has negotiated a multitude of accounts. We have proudly achieved the most favorable settlements possible for many of our clients. Our approach to settlement is instilled with one ultimate goal : seeing to it that you realize the highest recovery possible.

3. Litigation Initiation and Management

Our legal team has a wide array of practice experience before many local, state, and federal courts. Furthermore, our understanding of contract law and recovery encompasses every transaction from basic consumer debts to complicated commercial transactions. We pride ourselves on enhancing and reviving profits and earnings for our commercial clients. We are committed, when necessary, to the effectuation of timely and result-oriented litigation. Our background in civil procedure and loss prevention has instilled us with the ability to expeditiously move cases from initial complaint all the way to trial and judgment. Furthermore, we understand the problematic potential of a customer's desire to avoid litigation or raise frivolous defenses to defeat litigation. We are therefore committed at all levels to aggressively represent your economic and personal needs in the field of debt and commercial litigation.

4. Bankruptcy Issues

We sympathize with the concerns of many of our friends and clients that bankruptcy is the death knell to debt collection and loss prevention. However, the knowledge and experience of our lawyers has shown that bankruptcy is not a surefire discharge to debt. Through a thorough and in-depth understanding of the Bankruptcy Code, we know how to challenge and defeat bankruptcy if the particular case permits. We respect the fact that you have invested immeasurable time and money into your business and personal affairs. We will fight for you in the bankruptcy courts to make sure that such sacrifice is not in vain.

5. Health Care Accounts

We specialize in servicing the accounts of medium-sized to large corporations and health care concerns. We have served hospitals, nursing homes, personal care facilities, medical groups, physician practices, and other health care entities. Our attorneys are well-versed in federal and state health care and insurance laws. We keenly understand the mechanisms needed to recover monies owed from insurance companies and other payers. Through substantial familiarity with ERISA and HIPAA, we are able to structure the most effective recovery system for your billing, invoicing, and legal needs.

6. International Collection

Our legal team maintains relationships with valuable members of the international legal community. We are able to transfer your judgment to a foreign country, if necessary, and collect your claim or judgment through international channels. We possess the knowledge and research capabilities to fully investigate both the domestic and international assets of your foreign customers so as to pursue the most effective and expeditious recovery possible.

Our Fees

All of our clients enjoy the benefit of a contingency based fee ranging from 12%-50% depending on the type of claim. Fee based programs are available for any matter that involves litigation on complaints and or counterclaims. Any case that is not covered under a contingency or fee based program is subject to an hourly fee and all applicable court costs.

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