Debt collection agency

We Are Changing the World Of Collections

National Asset Management offers debt collection solutions that are available on a flat fee or contingency fee basis. Our debt collection agency professionals will help you decide the best solution for your business.

Our flat fee based debt collection allows our clients to collect delinquent and past due accounts without any commissions or contingency fees.  Collection of older accounts is not as successful using fee based collections.

Contingency fee based debt collections is the most widely used recovery process.  It can be the most cost effective as well, especially for older accounts.

As one of the industry’s largest and growing debt collection agencies, NAM is the proven choice for all of your debt recovery and receivables management needs. As a full-service debt collection agency, we have the expertise, experience, and processes necessary to provide you with faster and more debt recovery. We offer our clients solutions that maximize the debt we collect.  That saves you time and money and improves your cash flow.