Customer Testimonials

We Are Changing the World Of Collections

Customer Testimonials

“I have been with National Asset for 6 years. Out of the three agencies we currently utilize NAM has consistently outperformed the other two each and every month. NAM works with real numbers and provides real results. “


William Palace – GTL Finance

 “We choose National because they provided us with more information about the Collection Industry than anyone else. The team at National did not inflate numbers make commitments that they could not keep. Their performance has increased our bottom line by 10% and in today’s economy that’s keeping us ahead.”


 Maria Sanchez – Stanton MRI

 “National Asset Management has changed the way we outsource out AR. This company knows how to keep our patients coming back, but at the same time clean up their outstanding balances.”

 Dr. David Burkey – University Hospital

 “National Asset Management is the most professional and honest company we have ever worked with.”

 Kal Vekeiti – VMI Health Services

 Commercial Collection Agency 

Customer Service:
844 872 3143  


Corporate Office:

411 Sixth Street
PA 15003

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 National Asset Management

, National Asset Management is now one of the most progressive collection agencies in the US.
Through its well designed strategies and approach, it has established a rightful place in the collection industry.

 As an agency that works with a difference, NAM assures its customers and clients not just recovery of debt but also cost benefits and
increased operational efficiency.

 Advantages that add exclusivity to NAM:

  • Complete range of collection services
  • Online assistance 24x7
  • Highest recovery on cost effective rates
  • Credible associations

Clear lines define the functioning of NAM. Consistent growth through technological soundness, tactical approach and flexible implementation
is its strength.

We customize our lines of work as per the needs of our clients. We give personalized assistance to each of them so that results are

Nam offers a wide range of services namely Collection, Recovery and Legal services. Apart from this, the company has specialized Billing &
Invoice Programs and Judgment Recovery Programs.

 With a judicious blend of services and tact, NAM aims to achieve greater heights in the near future.