Business Debt Collection

We Are Changing the World Of Collections

Business debt collection is not a simple process.  National Asset Management’s collection tactics vary depending on the company that owes you money.  Sometimes the delinquent business will respond to a demand letter.  Other times it may take an aggressive phone campaign.  For companies that are not willing to cooperate with traditional methods, NAM services include:

Asset & liability Investigation. NAM provides an in-depth look into your debtor's business that may uncover valuable information used to perform successful business debt recovery.  Information such as open lines of credit, non-sufficient funds, liens, judgments, other vendors experience, hidden assets or plans to sell can help determine how to proceed with debt recovery.  With this information, our debt collection staff can strategically make demands for payment, increasing the probability of successful business debt collection.

Litigation.  The information gathered will give NAM insight into the cost effectiveness of moving forward through the courts.  In addition, it may provide information to pierce the corporate veil of ownership to decipher which assets are available when a judgment is rendered.